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Institutional Background

We are NGO based in Chiplun block in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra State. We firmly believe that “Democracy works when citizens and the most marginalized people have the capability to ask questions, seek accountability from the state and participate in the process of governance. Democracy becomes meaningful when people can shape the state and the state, in turn, creates enabling social, political, economic and legal conditions wherein, people can exercise their rights and realize the freedom from fear and want”.

With a view that “Every action for building nation counts”! We as citizens owe a lot to our People and we have to make most of each and every opportunity for contributing in their drive for development.


Registration Act Registration Date Place of Registration
Registration No.
Society Act, 1860 14.03.2013 Ratnagiri MH- 4982
Trust Act, 1950 06.05.2013 Ratnagiri F- 4964
Income Tax Act, 1961 Section 12AA(1)(b)(i) 10.09.2015 Pune PN/CIT(Exemp.)/Tech/12AA/Pune Rg./578/108/2015-16/2527
Income Tax Act, 1961 Section 80G(5)(vi) 02.03.2016 Pune PN/CIT(Exemp.)/Tech/80G/197/2015-16/5716

PAN No.: AABTD8364 R

Other Registrations:

GuideStar Number (GSN): 6320

Organisation Id as per Planning Commission’s NGO Partnership System: MH/2013/0058861

Institutional Background:

Dishantar is a grassroots NGO presently working in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The organization’s goal is to empower the underprivileged community in their drive for freedom and development. The organization has brought forward model Adivasi hamlet i.e. Nirbade Khindwadi in Chiplun block of Ratnagiri district. Dishantar has supported the Nirbade Khindwadi’s efforts for getting mainstreamed. Before 14 years, this hamlet was living in medieval ages and today they are taking privileges of hi-tech development tools e.g. water purifiers, solar lights, POS banking service and so on. Few other hamlets in the district are trying to follow this model with Dishantar’s hand-holding support.

Dishantar is also working with the primitive shepherd (Dhangar) community which is far away in terms of distance and far behind in terms of development. They do not have access to basic public amenities even after 67 years of India’s Independence. Dishantar is trying to mainstream them in development by increasing their access to education, careers and enhanced standard of living.

Other activities of Dishantar include supporting education of underprivileged children through Course Book Banks for college students and provision of scholarships for bright but supportless students. We have been engaged in Adolescents’ capacity building to make them competent enough to shape their future in right directions with due recognition to indian values.

Health initiatives for rural community especially for women and children are also conducted. Dishantar’s health camps are not just a one day event but the community who seem to get further treated or needing surgery are supported by making financial provisions in support with medical trusts in Mumbai and Pune.

Development initiatives cannot be succeeded without active participation of women and hence Dishantar conducts activities for economic and social empowerment of women. Natural resource based livelihood activities for sustainable development are an integral part of Dishantar’s initiatives.

Freedom is “Access to adequate food, clean water, unpolluted air, shelter, education, health care and gainful employment. Above all development should lead to an enhanced capacity to engage in social, political and economic decision making.

Patriot, knowledgeable, ethical, progressive society.

Course Book Bank: Dishantar has started Course Book Bank consisting 16995 books worth Rs. 12,11,807/- benefiting 23290 students in 27 Junior Colleges from Rural Ratnagiri where the students from remote areas study. Dishantar doesn’t charge a single penny to students or colleges for this initiative.
Scholarship: Scholarship has been given to 12 students (8 female and 4 male) by making available total scholarship for Rs. 6,19,000/-. The process of candidate selection, making the scholarships available is very transparent. Dishantar team is not just providing monetary support but also trying to provide moral and parenting support.
Ideal Tribal Hamlet: Nirbade Khindwadi has come forward as an ideal tribal hamlet by adopting positive steps of civilization e.g. Freedom from alcohol abuse, schooling and higher education, better housing, electrification, health and sanitation status. Use of solar energy, water purification technology for betterment.
Health: Health camps organized by Dishantar are to achieve the objective of better health for underprivileged community. 1461 community members have been benefited from health camps. 28 patients have been made available medical aid worth Rs. 13.25 lakhs.
Sanitation: 98 underprivileged households from Nirbade, Dalvatne and Pophli have been supported to set individual household latrine units enabling and empowering them to improve quality of life. 2 public toilets (5 seater) have been constructed in Akle for 54 families with 181 population. In Ovli, 22 Katkari families with a population of 130 were provided with bore-well and water tank. In Devkherki Sutarwadi 1.5 hp water pump, 500 mtr pipeline and readymade RCC water tanks with 9600 ltr. capacity were installed for 45 families with a population of 217.
Adishakti (Adolescents’ Capacity Building): Adolescence is an important stage of growth for children. Intervention at this stage can help girls overcome barriers to empowerment in adulthood since girls represent the next generation of mothers and social and economic actors. Hence, we conduct series of capacity building workshops for girls to make them aware about their own personality, to enhance their knowledge about physical and mental health by conducting sessions such as facilitation by psychologist , legal advisor, gynecologist, career consultants and so on. Till now, 1000 girls have participated in this initiative.
Annapurna (Women Farm Entrepreneurship): 192 farmers from 13 groups (SHGs and farmers’ groups) from Vehele, Kalvande and Moravne village from Chiplun block of Ratnagiri district are engaged in project activities. This project has brought forward scalable and replicable model of farm entrepreneurship. It’s a complexion of traditional knowledge and present S&T. Self-sustainable, no middle agents in the market, organic farming, cooperative farming are the characteristics of Annapurna project. 135 acres land has been brought under cultivation under this project.
Udaan (Women Entrepreneurship): 38 women from 3 Self Help Groups from Dahivli, Mundhe and Kolkewadi villages from Chiplun block have been activated for initiating income generation activity. 2 SHGs are engaged in business of paper plate making and 1 SHG is engaged in production of cotton and designer bags.
Water: Successfully implemented Sujal Project, a project for safe drinking water to 125 underprivileged community households. It has sustainably enabled community to adopt better hygienic practices at household level. In Kamthe, construction of RCC bund had taken place on stream to hold water flow-off and enhance water level of dug-well to check water scarcity issue of 159 families with 551 members.
Acknowledgement by Eminent Sir Dorabji Tata Trust:Dishantar has been implementing Dnyanyadnya Scholarship project from last 5 years. Acknowledging this effort at grass-roots, Sir Dorabji Tata Trust had evaluated Dishantar’s efforts and made available registration to Dishantar on the SDTT’s platform of educational grants. This was the first year of affiliation with SDTT and SDTT had sanctioned an educational grant ofRs. 280000/- to 29 students identified by Dishantar for scholarship.

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