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About The Project Implementers:
DIAMOND (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, (a private company limited by shares incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956) is a subsidiary company of Dominion Diamond Corporation. Dominion Diamond Corporation is a Canadian diamond mining company. It is the world’s third largest producer of rough diamonds by value.
Dominion Diamond (India) Pvt. Ltd. supported Dishantar for fulfilling its obligation under the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 in respect of corporate social responsibility (“CSR”); and made available funds from 2015-16. During financial year 2016-17 support has been made available for ‘Sanitation for All Project’, ‘Water for All Project’ and ‘Annapurna Project’.
Dishantar, NGO from Ratnagiri district has been selected to implement CSR project activities of Dominion Diamond (India) Pvt. Ltd.. Dishantar initiated its activities from March 2016 and successfully completed ‘Sujal Project’ that made available domestic water purifiers to 100 underprivileged households of SC, ST, NT & economically weaker sections of the society from Nirbade and Ovali villages from Chiplun block of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra State. During 2016-17, ‘Sanitation for All’ project completed construction of 10 individual toilets for economically underprivileged households in Nirbade village and 2 Public toilets (comprising of 5 toilet units each for men and women) for Adivasi Katkari hamlet in Akle village. Water for All project successfully made available bore-well and water tank of 10000 ltrs. for addressing the water scarcity issue in Adivasi Katkari hamlet of Ovali village.
Project Background:
We are living in 21st century. But still our rural fellows have to defecate in open. Their dignity is at stake every time they go for defecation. It is necessary to make arrangements for toilets for their dignity. They have never seen respect for them in anybody’s’ eyes. We want them to get respect and it begins with cleanliness. To accelerate the efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage and to put focus on sanitation, the Prime Minister of India launched the Swachh Bharat Mission on 2nd October, 2014 that aims to achieve Swachh Bharat by 2019, as a fitting tribute to the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, which in rural areas shall mean improving the levels of cleanliness in rural areas. ‘Sanitation for All’ project is our contribution to this effort.
Encourage cost effective and appropriate technologies for ecologically safe and sustainable sanitation by providing 2 public toilets (comprising of 5 toilet units each for men and women) in Akle Adivasi-Katkari community’s hamlet (Indiranagar) for economically weaker sections of the society.

Activities Conducted

S.N.  Date  Particulars
17.02.17  Meeting with Akle Village Council for discussing the plan of action.
2   17.02.17  Meeting with Project Beneficiary HHs (54 families)
3   22.02.17  Finalizing the contract
4   04.03.17  Awareness about Health & Sanitation in Akle Indiranagar (Adivasi Katkari hamlet)
5   23.02.17 -
Setting up 2 public toilets (comprising of 5 toilet units each for men and women)

Primary Meeting with Council:
After signing the MOU of the project, we have conducted meetings with Akle village council and explained them the execution plan. Discussions were held regarding manpower and other support required for actual execution of the project.

Meeting with Project Beneficiary HHs::
All the beneficiaries were invited for awareness about Health & Sanitation. Village Sarpanch, Mr. Gajmal explained the execution plan. Mr. Jagtap, community leader assured participation of community members in the execution. Consent letter has been obtained from the landholder on whose land the unit was supposed to be constructed.

Awareness about Health & Sanitation:
Mr. Rajesh Joshte explained the significance of health care and role of sanitation in this process. Community members participated in the event. Health and sanitation status of this hamlet is very poor. Further plan of action was discussed with Village Sarpanch.

Challenges Faced:
As Akle is situated in remotest area, regular monitoring was a bit difficult task. Hilly location increased difficulties for transportation of construction material. Secondly, male members from tribal community were not in village due to seasonal occupational displacement. Hence, local manpower support was limited. This year, Akle is facing the problem of acute water scarcity right from March. Hence, making the water available for construction purpose was a challenging task. Sometimes, the water was managed through tankers.

This project has helped Akle village to get rid of open defecation. Tribal-Katkari community especially women can have better sanitation status leading to satisfaction and healthy living.
This initiative was a step towards bringing health to 54 tribal Katkari households, enabling and empowering them to improve their quality of life.

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