Water, Sanitation & Health


Successfully implemented Sujal Project for safe drinking water to 125 underprivileged community households. It has sustainably enabled community to adopt better hygienic practices at household level. In Kamthe, construction of RCC bund had taken place on stream to hold water flow-off and enhance water level of dug-well to check water scarcity issue of 159 families with 551 members. In Ovli, 22 Katkari families with a population of 130 were provided with bore-well and water tank. In Devkherki Sutarwadi 1.5 hp water pump, 500 meter pipeline and readymade RCC water tanks with 9600 liter capacity were installed for 45 families with a population of 217 This year we have constructed 110 ft l x 2 ft w x 8 ft h RCC water bund on Vaitarna River near Khandatpali village which has resulted in 5 crore liter water conservation giving water positive effects to 220 families.


98 underprivileged households from Nirbade, Dalvatne and Pophli have been supported to set individual household latrine units enabling and empowering them to improve quality of life. 2 public toilets (5 seater) have been constructed in Akle for 54 families with 200 populations.


Health camps organized by Dishantar are to achieve the objective of better health for underprivileged community. 1500 community members have been benefited from health camps. 32 patients have been made available medical aid worth Rs. 14 lakhs.